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    Club Fitting & Repair

Golf Clubs should be made to fit the golfer, not for the golfer to fit the clubs!

I AM offers a comprehensive fitting experience with certified professionals who specialize in club fitting, assembly, and repair. Work with our professionals and we guarantee to improve your golf game.

Club Repair Service 

  • Re-Shafts
  • Bore-thru Re-shaft 
  • Re-Grip 
  • Lengthen Club 
  • Shorten Club 
  • Check Loft & Lie 
  • Loft & Lie Adjustment
  • Remove Rattle From Head or Shaft 
  • Remove Broken Shaft 
  • Remove Broken Shaft 
  • Tighten Loose Head 

FlightScope Fitting 

  • Driver Fitting 
  • All Metal Woods 
  • Gap Analysis Irons
  • Golf Club Fitting (Full Set) 


FlightScope Analysis

  • Off-site FlightScope Analysis 
  • FlightScope plus Video 

Schedule a Fitting or Repair